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Muscles getting fatigued quickly? Feeling completely drained after a workout? Wish you could push yourself further? 

Creatine RAW is Helix Nutrition’s elite pure creatine monohydrate powder and it will affirmatively correct the answers to those questions. Creatine naturally exists in the body as an energy source for the muscles. Adding creatine supplements to your workout drink will help prevent the use of the bodies reserves and depleting the muscles of this very rich source of energy.  Creatine will restore your bodies reserves allowing the energy to convert to production. 

Looking to increase muscle mass? 

Creatine has been shown to help increase muscle mass in as little as one week. This is because you will have the ability to push yourself further than ever before. Helix is all about the results, that’s why we have developed this pure and flavorless, powdered creatine monohydrate; you will be able to add it to your workout drink to ensure you are getting the correct dosage for maximum efficiency. 

Suggested Use: 

Add 1 scoop of creatine to 8-12 oz of water or beverage of choice then mix until dissolved.