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Helix Nutrition

RISE UP - Testosterone Booster

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Testosterone nowadays is almost synonymous with vitality, and we understand why! Many men past the age of 30 will experience a decline in their body’s natural production of testosterone. Helix wants to do something about that! RISE UP is a natural way to boost the body’s testosterone levels within an orderly range. Helix has done its research, and out of that research RISE UP was born. Combining a pure ingredient list we have composed the most productive natural test booster on the market. The goal of adding testosterone boosters is to increase muscle stamina, muscle development, and an overall feeling of being younger. 

Suggested Use: 

3 capsules upon waking on an empty stomach with 8-12 oz. of water.

P.S. Men that take testosterone boosters also commonly experience an increased sex drive. (We don’t see this as a “side effect”).